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Mitä karhu tekee tänään?


Näyttelyn avajaiset

Nov.4, 2023


Globe Art Point

Malminkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki


Free Drawing Workshop with 


16:00 - 17:00

Hiphop Dance Performance by

Wooguru Kw


KS exhibition 2023.jpg
KS exhibition 2 2023.jpg

The picture book for all

Here is the story of a bear journalist writing about his life deep in the forest. He enjoys being a bear so much and lives his life to its fullest. He runs and roams free; he swims in the huge lake alone, riding waves, exploring every corner of it; he eats so well because he knows what only bears know; he talks and listens to his friends; he feels all of it and dances to it. Above all, he has nothing but a big bear love. And now, he's on the way to Helsinki all the way from his den by Lake Saimaa. Why? To spread his love.

Don't miss it. And remember that November is coming. Things may go better with it.

And you deserve it. 

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